GSA staff ‘banned’ from accessing gem and minerals content on Google News

The Federal Government has barred Gem and Mineral Resources Australia staff from accessing their online content in a bid to combat misinformation, the agency has confirmed.

Key points:GSA chief executive David Smith told ABC News that the ban was a step in the right direction, but the ban is not perfectThe ban applies to all GSA employees, not just employees on the departmental staff levelGSA said the ban will only be in place until July 4GSA will not be able to use its own content to inform its news reports on its website or blogGSA had said it would review its staff content to ensure it was compliant with the ban, which will apply to all employees on its staff level.

But the department has said it is now reviewing how it operates, adding that it will not allow staff to access their own content on its websites or blog.GSA’s chief executive, David Smith, told the ABC that the department is taking a “step in the wrong direction” by prohibiting employees from accessing its content on the internet, and said that the current policy was not perfect.

“I would encourage anyone who has a concern to do so on our website and get in touch with our team, particularly if you are concerned about what is being reported about the GSA,” he said.

“We do not want to discourage people from getting their facts right, but if they don’t want to do that then they shouldn’t be here.”

It’s important that we understand the context in which that information is being given, and that is the reason why we are not allowing our staff to put up content.

“Mr Smith said that his agency would be “very cautious” about its staff, who are “part of our community”.”

We are not going to tolerate that,” he added.”

Our job is to deliver on the promises we’ve made to the people of Western Australia.

“The department said it was working with the GMA, Gemstone Minerals Australia, Gem and Metals Council and the Department of Primary Industries to determine how the policy should be implemented.”

As soon as the review is complete we will be making a decision,” the department said.GMA general manager Chris Bunn said that there were “very few” instances of staff accessing information on the GMS website or in the GWA portal.”

Staff have access to the GAMA website and they can access their local local local news and information as well,” he told ABC Radio Perth.”GMA is working with other organisations to ensure that staff are able to access the information they need, as they have been for the past 18 months.

“Mr Bunn added that GMA has “committed to ensuring that all members of staff are treated with respect”.”

The Government of Western Australian has an important role to play in the development of our communities and we will continue to ensure all of our employees are treated fairly and with dignity,” he concluded.

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