How to find gems from the desert, on the go

Dressed in a red shirt and tie, Bob Lister sits in his truck with his daughter, Charlotte, and her mother, Bonnie.

As they drive, the girls watch as their father drills holes in the desert floor, using a diamond drill to remove the sand.

They watch as he removes the rock to reveal a black stone.

As Lister points, Bonnie and Charlotte see a diamond stud.

They nod.

“Oh, thank God,” Lister says.

They are now on the road to diamond city for the first time.

“I have been working with diamond studs for 20 years,” Listers wife, Linda, said.

The Listers have lived in a small desert community near the Mexican border for about four years, mostly working in the mining industry.

They started digging diamond when Lister was 14, when he first learned how to use the diamond drill.

“That’s when we started making diamond jewelry,” Lizzie Lister said.

Linda said that her husband is a hard worker and has a strong sense of responsibility.

“When he wants something done, we go in there and do it.

We go in and do the job,” she said.

Lister started working for a small mining company when he was 15, and now he makes about $20,000 a year.

Linda, who lives in California, has a 2-year-old son, and their two adult daughters live in Colorado.

They all love traveling and hunting.

Lizzy, who works in construction and owns a company, said that she is excited to start working with diamonds.

“Diamonds are so valuable because you can make jewelry in a very short amount of time,” she explained.

“If you can get the right diamonds, you can put a diamond on your watch.”

The Lister family has lived in the same community for about 10 years.

Linda and Bob are now in the process of building their own home, which will have six bedrooms and a full kitchen.

They have a pool, a sauna, a spa, a full bar, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Linda is hoping to build a new pool that will also have a hot tub, a grill, and an outdoor terrace.

Lissie Listers husband, Joe, is a retired airline pilot who has lived on the same ranch for about 15 years.

Liz Lister, Listers youngest daughter, has worked for a number of years in the jewelry industry.

“Liz is a big fan of diamonds,” said Lizzi Lister.

“She has a lot of passion about diamonds.”

They love hunting, fishing, and collecting fossils and artifacts.

“We are really looking forward to this adventure,” Lizzy Lister told ABC News.

Linda Lister has started making jewelry for Bob, Bob’s father, and for other people, like her husband, who are looking to buy jewelry.

She said she would like to be able to make jewelry for people that are just starting out, like Bob, who has a bachelor’s degree in education.

“My goal is to be a diamond jewelry designer,” she added.

Linda’s jewelry collection spans the globe, but her favorite item is a piece that she will be selling at the next big fashion show in Las Vegas.

She loves jewelry that looks like it’s handmade and has unique designs that she hopes will be used in future jewelry designs.

Littles Lizzies husband, Lizza, said, “My jewelry is for people who are doing something that is special.

I think it’s just so cool to have something that’s a part of the fabric of the world.”

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