How to make your own ‘gems’

You’re one step closer to becoming a “gem-making machine,” according to a new book.

The book, Gem Masters: The Art and Science of Gem Mining, by a pair of Oregon gem miners, is being released Thursday by the Oregon Gem Council.

Its authors, who work in the industry, claim to have found some of the “most advanced” methods of gem production in the country.

They are the first to explain how to make diamonds and rubies out of pure gold.

They also describe how to find the most efficient ways to extract precious gems from rock, and the most effective way to make gold.

Their book is part of an effort by Oregon to expand the industry.

Oregon officials say they have produced more than 20 billion ounces of precious metal in the last decade.

The state has the largest gem mining industry in the nation.

But Gem Masters is one of a handful of books on gem mining ever written.

The authors claim to be the first “experts” to offer a “scientifically-based” account of gem mining.

It’s not the first book on the topic.

The book is also the first written by a non-Oregonian author.

The authors say the book was written with the intent of giving gem miners a “satisfying, realistic” way to describe the “industry.”

“It’s a unique, high-tech, high performance way to produce gem quality,” the authors wrote in the introduction.

They were inspired to write the book by a “love of gemstone, science and technology, and mining,” said Chris Woodruff, who is the Oregon-based executive director of the Gem Masters nonprofit organization.

“We want to make sure that gem miners can take a step forward in the mining industry.”

Woodruff, a former Gold Kingpin and current Goldsmith of the Year at Portland State University, and his co-authors say the gem industry is in the midst of an “information revolution.”

“If you can get a gem to mine, and you can make it as cheaply as you can, and as efficiently as you possibly can, that’s really the only way you’re going to survive in the marketplace,” Woodruff said.

The Oregon Gem Industry Association estimates that nearly 100,000 people work in gem mining in Oregon.

The gold rush started in the 1970s, with gold miners using old mining equipment to find gold, the authors write.

Today, about 25,000 companies employ gold miners.

The industry is heavily regulated by the federal government, which makes it illegal to mine more than 4 ounces of gold per day.

The federal government has also cracked down on gold mining, saying it has caused “significant environmental damage” and caused job losses.

But there are many who say there are plenty of opportunities for the industry to make a living.

“I can’t say we’ve found a golden rule in this industry, but it’s pretty clear to me,” Woodrow said.

“It’s not just ‘we don’t mine gold.’

It’s, ‘we are willing to work with you to find a better way to mine gold.'”

Woodruff and his colleagues were able to find ways to use “low-tech” methods to find gemquality.

They use a “bulk-finding” technique that relies on the use of sophisticated equipment and has been used for years to find diamonds, rubies and other gems.

They claim to make the most precise measurements in the world to measure the amount of gold and minerals in a rock.

The two men claim to “examine” rocks on a regular basis and have made millions of dollars working for miners.

But the Oregon Gold Association says its “best estimates” suggest the industry has a “very small” number of employees.

“They have to hire more people to keep up with the demand, and they have to have the infrastructure to do it,” said Kristin McQuaid, executive director at the Oregon gold association.

The new book is being published by the Gem Guides Association, a nonprofit that works to promote the industry and encourage its members to mine.

Its president, Mark A. Johnson, said the association has been involved with the book since its inception.

“This book is the first in a long time to provide some of our readers with the information that they need,” Johnson said.

“There are so many different facets of the industry that can be taught and applied in a way that’s more useful to the gem miners,” Woodroys said.

A version of this story was first published in the Eugene Register-Guard.

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