Why ‘Star Wars’ movies are the best thing ever (again)

In honor of the 20th anniversary of “Star Wars,” Entertainment Weekly decided to give the franchise a final review.

Here are 10 reasons why we think it’s one of the greatest movies of all time.


The Force Awakens is a masterpiece.

“The Force Awakens” is a blockbuster that tells the story of Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega) on the ultimate battle between good and evil.

In addition to being the best movie of all-time, the “Force Awakens” story is also the most beloved movie of our generation.

It has inspired countless imitators, including the reboot of “Lego Star Wars,” the third and fourth “Star Trek” films, and the current “Star War” trilogy.

The franchise has become a worldwide phenomenon and one of our most enduring cultural icons.

Disney and Lucasfilm have produced a vast, multi-layered world that spans all the different stories and worlds that have shaped this film.

It is an experience that is unique in cinema, and one that is uniquely suited to a child.

The films “The Last Jedi” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” are both among the best movies of the year.


Rey is the best female character ever.

We’re not sure what to make of the fact that Rey, a Rey, is the only female character in the galaxy to have a major role in “The Star Wars” films.

Rey, voiced by Daisy Ridley, has been a huge part of the franchise’s mythology for nearly 30 years, and she has become the most popular of all the Star Wars characters.

She has become something of an icon, and has earned the affection of her fellow members of the Resistance and of a generation of fans who grew up with the franchise.

In fact, Rey has become an inspiration for young girls everywhere, who have learned to embrace their feminine side in a way that they had not before.

This has inspired an entire generation of young girls who have embraced the role of Rey.

Rey’s influence has spread far beyond the films themselves, as she is now the only male character to play a significant role in the “Star WAR” universe.


Leia Organa is the most badass.

Leia was one of four female characters in the original “Star Lord” novels who took on the role as a bounty hunter.

The story, “The Bounty Hunter” is one of those classic Star Wars tales that has become so famous that it’s become a franchise staple.

Leia is the main character of the series, and her role in both “The Clone Wars” and the third film “Rogue Squadron” is legendary.

The novel “The Emperor’s New Groove” also features Leia, and in that film, she is a major character, serving as a catalyst for the Rebellion’s rise to power.


Han Solo is the original Han Solo.

The Han Solo films were a huge hit in the ’80s and ’90s, and they were a big part of Disney’s growing Star Wars empire.

“Han Solo” was the only film to be released before George Lucas died, so he had a huge role in shaping the franchise and its mythology.

Han is an old friend to Rey, and he is one part of a galaxy-spanning family.

He is the greatest smuggler in the entire galaxy, and is a hero who takes on the Empire, even going so far as to fight to protect the innocent.

He even has his own subspecies of saber-toothed tiger, and you can even see his name on the cover of “The Empire Strikes Back.”


Luke Skywalker is the father of Luke.

The “Star Wing” films are some of the most iconic films in the Star War saga, and “The Phantom Menace” is the biggest hit in that franchise’s history.

“A New Hope” is another great film that follows the saga from its beginnings to the end of “Return of the Jedi.”

It tells the true story of the Rebel Alliance in the early years of the war, and it is a perfect way to celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary.


Luke is the second Jedi in the series.

“Star Tours” was one the first “StarWars” films to feature a new character, Luke Skywalker.

He was introduced in the first movie, and was the first character to join the Resistance.

He became a major hero for his actions in “Return.”

Since “Return,” Luke has become one of Disney fans’ favorite characters, and fans of the original trilogy will remember him in every “StarWar” movie.


The original “Solo” is still around.

“Sleeping Beauty” is considered by many to be one of Walt Disney’s greatest movies.

The tale is set in a fantasy land where the princesses are on the run from a villainous organization.

As the movie opens, we meet Princess Jasmine (Emma Watson), a woman who has been kidnapped by a

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