How Tiger Grooms a Little Gem Magnolia

Little gem magnolias have become a popular holiday gift for those who want a little something special.

The gems in these colorful gems are very easy to find and the fact that they can be easily separated into smaller pieces allows you to buy them in different sizes.

In the US, a gem of a smaller size will usually cost about $3-$4, while larger gems will usually run about $15-$20.

The reason for this is because the gems in the smaller ones are smaller, which means they are easier to pick up and remove.

There are two main ways to make your own gems: gem carving and gem mending.

Gem carving is a much more complicated process and you will need to have a professional jeweler.

The best way to do this is with an electric jeweler and then you will have a much higher chance of finding the perfect gem.

Gem mending is much simpler and you can do it yourself if you have the proper tools.

Both methods work perfectly for a family or friends.

Gem Mending: Using a jeweler’s drill The first method is to use an electric drill and a piece of wood that is 1/4 inch thick.

You can drill holes and use an even bit to work in smaller areas of the gem, and a larger bit to drill larger areas.

It is not necessary to drill every hole and if you do, it is better to drill small areas and not large ones.

Drill holes about 1/8 inch apart, using the drill as a guide, then attach a wire to the inside of the drill and pull the wire out.

This will remove any glue that might be on the gem and you are ready to use it.

If you are making your own gem, you can use your drill as the guide and follow the guide.

You will be able to remove the wire once you have finished the drill.

If the hole does not have a large opening, you may have to drill a hole larger than 1/2 inch in the center to make sure the wire does not go in.

If it does, it will come out OK.

The easiest way to use this method is by using the tip of the electric drill to cut the wire.

This is a great way to see if the wire is going in or out of the hole.

Once the wire has been cut, use the drill to drill the small hole to the outside of the wood.

The small hole should be about 1 1/3 inches away from the inside and slightly smaller than the hole you drilled.

Using a small drill, make a small hole about 1 inch in diameter.

Now, with the tip pointing down, tap the wire in the hole, then tap the hole with a hammer to make it smaller.

The wire should then come out fine.

With a larger drill, you will want to make a larger hole and tap the same wire in a different spot, as shown in the picture below.

If that does not work, you might want to use a smaller drill.

Make a hole about 3/8 inches in diameter and then tap in the same spot with a larger one, as seen in the diagram below.

The bigger hole should come out well.

The second method is the easiest and the most practical.

Use a small jeweler or electric drill, a piece that is slightly bigger than 1 inch, and then attach the wire to that.

Then drill the smaller hole as shown below.

This method will take a bit longer than the first one, but it is also a bit more forgiving.

You are going to be working with a much smaller hole and it will take less time.

After drilling the smaller one, tap in that hole and make sure it is about 1 2/3 times the diameter of the bigger hole.

This should give you a wire about the size of a dime.

If this wire comes out OK, it should be a little larger than the wire you just drilled.

The last method is much more time consuming and is best done at home.

If all else fails, use a small hammer and tap in a smaller hole with an even number of taps.

You should get a wire that is roughly the same size as the larger hole you just made.

When you are done, attach the second wire to a piece, and it should come off easily.

The third method is very similar to the second one, except you will use a hammer instead of a drill.

Drill the hole to about 1 ½ inches and tap it in with the same number of holes as the first method.

This one will take about 5-6 hours to complete.

Once you are finished, use an electrical drill to make another hole and attach it to the wire before you can begin to cut it.

This may take another 5-7 hours depending on the size and thickness of the wire that you have already drilled.

You may want to drill it with a drill bit that is a bit smaller than your drill bit, or

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