How I became a gemologist

I’m a gem scientist by trade.

I’ve spent my whole life in the diamond and gem business, and it’s the one thing I’ve never done before.

For most of my life, I’ve been working in a number of different professions, and as the age of technology has opened up the diamond market, I think we’ve seen the value of the diamond decline over the last few years.

I’m also a diamond expert, and a good one at that.

I know a lot of people that are diamond experts and they’re probably not as excited about the technology as I am.

But I’ve always been a diamond collector.

I have my collection in an old house in Dublin, and I also have a collection of jewelry, and one of the things I love to do is show people how beautiful it is to have an amazing diamond in the form of a diamond ring, and how beautiful and rare it is that diamonds can be made from.

It’s not just about looking at diamonds, it’s about being a diamond scientist.

And so it’s a really exciting time to be a gem expert.

What I’ve done is actually really simple.

I started with the basics of diamond and crystal research, and then I started looking at how these different crystals are different, and what the properties are, and why the properties of the crystals differ.

Then I started studying how to study these different crystal types in terms of structure, and mineralogy.

I was always fascinated by the chemistry of the minerals, and also fascinated by how the different minerals react.

The thing that’s really cool about gemstones is that they all have the same property, and that is that it’s really hard to change that property.

When you look at a crystal that’s pure gold, it doesn’t change.

You can look at it as pure gold.

But when you look into a crystal of diamond, it changes, and you have to change what it looks like to have a diamond in it.

It will turn into a different crystal.

So, the more you look, the less you know.

But that’s what makes the study of gemstones really fascinating.

So what I’m doing now is studying different crystal properties of diamonds, and the different properties that different crystals have.

The properties that you look for in different crystal are called gemological properties.

They’re really interesting.

They give us information about the properties that the crystal is made of, how it interacts with other things, and even what kinds of materials it’s made of.

For example, I’m really interested in the minerals that are involved in the formation of diamonds.

So we’ve looked at a lot more of the mineralogy, and minerals in different minerals, because we want to understand what the crystals are made of in order to be able to make better diamonds.

It can be a really interesting process, because when we make diamonds, we take different kinds of mineral and make them from different minerals.

So for example, we can take a bunch of gold and we can mix it with other gold and make a different kind of diamond.

Or we can also make a diamond from some copper, and we put some copper in there, and some gold in there.

There are all sorts of different combinations that we can do, and if we have different kinds or different properties in there that are different from each other, that can tell us a lot about what the crystal’s made from and what’s different from what it is made from, and those can tell you about the mineralogical properties.

And also what it’s going to do when we have these different materials mixed together.

For instance, the way the mineral crystals are formed in a crystal can tell that a particular mineral is different from other minerals, which can tell other kinds of properties.

So it’s interesting to study different crystal structures, and to find out what properties they have.

And there are a lot, but I’ll start with the minerals.

In the past, I’d looked at the minerals in the water column and I’d been fascinated by some of the quartz that was found in that part of the world, because it had a different structure to the other minerals that were in that region, and because of the crystal structure it was very stable.

But there was another quartz mineral, called amethyst, that was very unstable.

And I found that the crystals of those other minerals were different, so I thought maybe it had some kind of different crystal structure that was responsible for that.

So I went to a mineralogical laboratory in Spain, and they had some specimens of amethyst that they had collected, and there was some interesting stuff there.

And what I found out was that there was this quartz mineral that was much more unstable than the other ones.

It was a lot softer, and had a little bit more of a mineralization.

So when you dig up a quartz, you’ll find out that the mineral is there, it looks pretty, and has a little more structure, but the structure is not the same as the crystal,

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